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Restoring Mother Earth's Faith in Her Children.

Kaedden Michael Landy has sustained his vision for a world where energy is generated at the source. Together we can reduce our consumption and live off grid.

Beyond the Box
  • ArtiZen Productions First Theatrical
  • A transformational musical
  • Original Script & Music by Holly Taylor
  • Stage Production by Kaedden Timi-Landy

In this day, the pursuit of knowledge is intriguing, entertaining and at times, overwhelming. We have the extraordinary ability to learn of events worldwide, milliseconds after their inception. With a simple touch of a screen, we are launched into our day, informed and ready to chat about the weather. Well, maybe we would rather chat about bigger issues, but that’s plain risky in this approval based society. Besides, whose version of the truth are we to believe? This is one version of living life inside the box.

“Beyond The Box” is a compelling production about perceptions of reality. It boldly stands for a ‘win-win’ humanity, based on cooperation and common sense. The foundation of the show is the use of music and art as a catalyst for transformation.

Historically, the creative arts have been the initial strokes on the edge of a cultural shift. Art can push limits and ask the risky questions, sometimes subtly, other times boldly. These jewel-seeds quietly expand the capacity and understanding of the mind and heart, paving preparedness for transition.

In “Beyond the Box,” Common-Unity is a state of being, comprised of individuals operating at their greatest potential. Life is celebrated, connected, and cherished on the grandest level. You are invited on this journey of insight, love, and laughter as we learn to thrive.

Currently Seeking Talent
  • Actors/Actresses
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Contributors
  • Choreographers
  • Stagehands
  • Designers
  • Promoters
  • Sponsors
  • Managers
  • Venues
  • Video Graphic Designs

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